How i solved my High temperature issue on my masterbuilt 2 door vertical

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by yankee99, May 28, 2015.

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    Ok i am in a hot climate and before buying my first smoker i did some research. I purchased a the 30" MB and a seal kit as comments were that it was leaky. Assembled everything and in 93f heat and some sun my unit wouldn't get below 290f. The stock nozzle is like a 1.15 which i changed to a. 92 but never got really low temperature like i thought. Returned it to the 1.15 and then realized i can get much better control with the valve in a different position.

    Normally 4-5 o'clock would be low and 9 o'clock would be high.

    To get a real low flame and temperature i went the other direction and set it a 11 o'clock which is almost in the off position.

    Ok so everything cooked perfect on a 1.5 hour smoke with pork chops.... i used wood chunks in a cast pan and they burned good also set one on the oem pan without a fire. Still had wood to burn after 1.5 hours.

    My question is there any reason not to adjust my temperature in this manner? My flame is a very nice blue color.

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