Homemade Hog Pellet Cooker

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    So I have been thinking for the last few days about making a whole hog pellet cooker. I recently got back from Myron's school and I must say his smokers are the best I have seen. I would like to get the 60" version but dont have the $6000 right now to spend. Then I started thinking about building my own. I like his design with the water pan and would keep it with two large slide out shelves. One thing I need to figure out is the pellet assembly. What would make it great if you could have a hopper like I have on my Memphis Pro. It has dual sections for different flavored pellets. They drop down a chute into the burn pot. This prevents burn back. I would like to have two hoppers mounted to the back of the cooker with two burn pots inside directly under a water pan. Everything would need to be ran off a single computer. Would this be possible to create? would you be able to get the temperature up high enough on such a large cooker if you had two burn pots?
  2. I am sure it can be done. However I am not the one to tell you how[​IMG]. Maybe this will give it a little bump.

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