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Have an old 5.1 system with Sony STR-GA8ES, Sony DVD player with decoder (dying and not 4k) driving Cervin Vega 1st gen SL speakers.
True story, first time to a movie at local theater (before they completely renovated) and when we got home the kids asked if we could wait until movies came on DVD and just watch them at home. "They sound so much better at home."
Haven't kept up since the kids flew the nest, but wife does hint once in awhile. (I should tell her the Hallmark movies don't warrant a new system?)
I'm shopping anyway as the DVD player/decoder is critical to my system.
Probably rework the speakers and just a pair of ceiling for ATMOS

I saw (original) Top Gun in the very first THX theater in Seattle. Absolutely awesome.
Sony Bravia XR-77A80J OLED
Sony HT-A7000 w/ SA-SW3 Sub & SA-RS5 Rears
Sony Playstation 5

We love it in our little cave. Don't need to go to the movies anymore. The 4k UHD player in the PS5 plays insanely well with a 4k disk. John Wick Collection was awesome. Dune as well. This is GOTG on Disney+.


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One of my favorite movies to test out a home theater system is from the movie Heat (1995) with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro
I watched Heat yesterday. I had forgot I watched it recently but worth watching again.
My vinyl chain is a Rega Planar 8 into a Manley Chinook phono pre into a NAD C 658 pre-amp into a Marantz SR8015 amp.
That is so neat! Love how you ran wires.
My old 3 channel rig which I still have all safely packed away consists of:
Curious why you have it packed away?
driving Cervin Vega 1st gen SL speakers.
Those Cervin Vega speakers where great! I ended up putting mine in the back seat of my Ram Charger. Finally gave them and my receiver to a friend.
Well, this was me for many years. Always chasing how to improve the audio & video. Part of building our new house was the desire for simplicity, including aesthetics. It did however include upgrading to the latest 4k 75" Flat Panel from Samsung. Still wanting decent sound but without all the equipment and wiring, I settled in the Q950 bar with sub. Surprisingly when paired with the accompanying wireless rear powered speakers has turned out to be pretty good. Definitely not in the same class as previous or mentioned here but still, good to the point that I've now become quite satisfied. Definitely don't miss the large array of stacked equipment. Box running the TV is behind the bottom left pop out door.

Son said something about him getting a bigger TV yesterday...think he has a 32 inch now. Told him he needed to go bigger than daughter AND SIL...they are roughly at a 75 inch. Started him looking, I believe a 101 inch, 4k, curved screen was just over $15,000...YIKES!

Does my Bose Revolve+ Soundlink 360 blue tooth speaker paired with my laptop count ?

Set it against the wall and it sounds like a live auditorium ...


Had a close call last night... Was out mudding in the golf cart... Got a flat tire and ended up getting stuck in the mud... Speaker was laying up on the dasboard... Welp... had a heluva time getting unstuck with a flat tire... pushing... rocking... pushing... rocking some more... Finally got it out... stated limping back home (about a mile away) and noticed the speaker was missing... OH HELL NO... $300 speaker I'm going back to find it... Got back to sippi hole and seen the speaker laying in a mud puddle... FF##$$$@@#$#@@CK, I said... Fished it out.. let all theh water run out... Tried to power it back up.... WOOOHOOOO... The power light came on... Hit play on the phone and... WOOOOHOOOO.... MUSIC TO MY EARS.... So far it's still playing (and charging) ...

PS. I might have indulged a lil bit in my screen name....

Anyways... HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL ...
That is so neat! Love how you ran wires.

When we bought the house I had all the home theater wiring done in the media room, ethernet cabling run to pretty much every room in the house, 70 or so can lights with Phillips Hue bulbs installed, and four UniFi access points strategically placed to ensure good signal everywhere. Zero regrets.
I have an older 5.1 system with a Denon receiver and JBL HLS speakers. Still works for me but I need a new TV.

The Fifth Element has a nice soundtrack. It was always considered one of the tests for 5.1 systems.
I like The Mask of Zorro for James Horner's soundtrack. In fact I like most any James Horner soundtrack. RIP James.
Gotta hear the opening few minutes of Windtalkers! More from James H!!!
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Audiofool/videofool for 50+ years. Probably my biggest passion.

Two houses and 10 years ago I built a 900 sf theater and 500 sf dedicated listening room. Stadium seating, automated multiple lighting zones, wet bar, candy counter, etc. Ten-foot screen, multiple subs, high-end audio equipment, etc.
Have never wanted to go to a commercial theater ever since. It spoiled me, and I miss it terribly.

Mainly music now in the new house and don’t have a good theater room. Making do in living room with a Sony 75x950, Epos K2/K5 LCR, single SVS sub.

Music room upstairs with lots of vintage gear, and main modern system with VPI/Plinius/Magnepan. Still can’t part with my physical media - about 3000 LPs, 1500 CDs - though have to confess I do more streaming than spinning now.
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Man sounds like you some nice rooms.
Yeah, miss it … honestly have only ever been in one better home HT in my life … was a guy up around DC that worked for NASA, and the whole room was covered in the material that lined telescopes. Absolute pitch black in there, couldn’t see your hand in front of your face, the screen image looked like it was just floating in space … driven by dual big 9” CRT front projectors. Fabulous image. This was probably 15-20 years ago, still haven’t seen any better. I had one FP CRT at the time … seemed as big as half a Beetle hanging from the ceiling, but got tired of tweaking that and my htpc and went to the not-so-dark side (digital).
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Onkyo 898 receiver. Monster power conditioner. Master cables. Klispch Reference Series speakers. Polk front firing sub.


Matrix fight scenes.
Behind Enemy Lines jet getting shot down scene.
Both Top Guns
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