Help with ideas to modify grill to use as a smoker

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Original poster
Sep 29, 2016
Hello everyone.  I posted my question in the "roll call" section, but I think this might be a better area.

I have a Uruguayan style brick grill.  I would like to be able to continue to use as a grill as well as a smoker when i wish. I basically need help figuring out the best way to seal up the front.

My biggest question is looking for advice and help on being able to use my grill as a smoker WHEN i wish too.  My goal is to be able to use it for indirect heat cooking, smoking, and pizza oven.  I would like to do something that would allow me either full access to do normal open air grilling without anything in the way, and use it for smoking etc... with no or minimal work when I want to use it.  Like a removable door.  I picture it being removable because I haven't figured out a way to do the door otherwise.  I have the screened in porch to the left and the wheel crank that adjusts the grill grate above.  The chimney is directly above the wood holder.  I know that once i get a door on I will have to create some airflow for the fire by drilling some holes near the fire.  Also, I have an idea to place a meta plate on a rod inside the chimney as to have greater control over the smoke, as well as some sort of thermometer installed onto the door to monitor.

I have been brainstorming this for a while and am looking for the front to be air tight (smoke tight), heat resistant and safe around food, and out of the way for regular open air grilling.  

Looking for any and all help and ideas.  Also, you all being the experts on smoking, i know that this would all be in the same "chamber" and i've seen that much of smoking is done in multiple chambers, will my existing design with these modifications allow me to do what I want to do?   is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.