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Welcome to SMF Donny!! There might even be one or two around here who who are obsessed with your hobby. :shock: How long have you been smoking and what kind of equipment do you use?

Welcome! Glad you are here.

Please share with us some of your smoking experiences. If you have questions the friendly folks here will make answer.

Have fun, and do good.


I'm new at smoking.But a master at Grilling.
I have a Brinkmann "Smoking~N~Pit" And I love it.
I have a 9 year old son,That can put a big hurt on a plate of ribs...
I said "Son I will start making you your own ribs"
And with the help of you guys I can make the perfect ribs :)
And pass this talent down to him before I take the dirt nap.
Thank you for your welcome.
Donny, nice to have you here at SMF! I learned to cook from my dad and in turn I've taught my sons to cook (yeah, taught my daughters too, but they don't cook with the same flair that the boy's do). In teaching your son the art, you'll be carrying on a great tradition, plus it's a great way to spend some quality time with the lad.

I hope that you will take the opportunity to take Tulsa Jeffs 5-day eCourse. It covers the basics of smoking plus it make a great reference guide if you've been smoking for a while.

Welcome Donny. You found a good place to be, lots of us around here just like you. I just started smoking this summer. My poor little Char-Broil gasser has gotten quite lonely :( . It'll get more use as the weather cools off. Glad you're here, enjoy!
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