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Original poster
Feb 14, 2007
Hello everyone, my name is Meemer and I am fairly new at smoking meat. I am from southwestern Ontario, right near the Canada and Michegan border. We are expierincing some very cold temperatures right now in the range of -10 to -20 celsius. I just fired up the smoker last weekend in -20 degree weather. I use a propane fired smoker and everything went well. I had to build a wind break out of plywood which surrounds the whole smoker, all the panels are hinged which makes it easy to fold and store for the summer. I was able to keep a constant temp. inside the smoker without the use of anykind of insulation on the outside of the smoker. well bye for now.
Welcome Meemer -

Mama used to say "Where there a will there a way!" Congrats on the smoke in the cold. I can tell already we're gonna see alot of you! Good luck!

Welcome Meemer.....Aye? I don't understand all this minus stuff but I am in south Florida. I know, don't rub it in....except on the ribs! Anyway, sounds like your on the right track and you will love the forum. Welcome aboard
Welcome meemer,

I too live close to the border but on the opposite side and a bit to the north, about 300 miles, just south of the Sault Ste. Marie. It takes a better soul than me to be smoking at those temps.
It might be cold outside but it's always toasty at SMF. Lots to learn from a bunch of good people.
Welcome meemer - love that name - you've found the smoker's smokin paradise here. Just about anything you care to know about is here. If it isn't we'll help you figure it out. Looking forward to seeing your posts. If you'll smoke in that weather, you're already a die hard smoker.

Keep Smokin (and warm)
Meemer -

I went outside about an hout ago and my poor little ECB is frozen solid in about 4 inches of frozen slush! May have to put it in the tub to thaw out it I can break it off the concret!

hmmm How do I get into my car for work tomorrow? Where's my pipe torch?

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