Hello from Cincy

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da pigman

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Mar 23, 2007
Cincinnati Ohio
Hello and thank you for having a great site for one to go to. When I started cooking pigs ( Back in my 20yrs) there was no where to go for something like this. But that also is the best time.....cooking and learning over the years. I am selling the pigroaster and buying a smoker and taking things just as slow.... but smaller cuts.

Does anyone have any feedback for a Tejas smoker out of Texas. Thinking of getting the 2040 with the vert smoker added and the offset fire box.

Also never cooked using only wood and this is what I wish to learn.....
Have had scouts for yrs and do a lot of dutchoven, and outdoor open fire cooking as well as deepfrying and of course cooking them pigs 200 lbers.
Welcome aboard Pigman enjoy the forum. Check out Tulsa Jeffs 5 day e-course its free and loaded with great Info. Im a wood burner also even made my own smoker. Im not familiar with the Tejas smoker do you have any pics of it.
Welcome to the SMF Da Pigman, great folks here with lots of helpful info. 200lb pigs...wow, can't wait to here about those pig roasts.

Glad you found us.

I think this is the smoker your interested in, not familar wiyh it myself, perhaps others are.

Welcome to the SMF
Welcome! You are on the right track with the smoker, though it is OK to go "whole hog" here also, might want to keep the big iron.
And take pictures of what you smoke. We like pictures. You'll fit right in.
Welcome to SMF, Pigman. You have found the best Smoking food site on the 'net. Looking forward to your posts.

Welcome to SMF Da Pigman. Glad you found us. You'll find just about anything you want to know here. Bring pics when you smoke, we love em.

Keep Smokin
Made it from scratch and cooked many of pig. It has done me good and found a young one that wishes to buy it will get many more years out of it. The pigroaster is 16 yers old.
I think before you sell it you should do one last kind of memorial cook in it as a final farewell............Perhaps at the SMF gathering in June.
The person that is buying it is having a roast which I will be there all the way thru to teach him my knowledge----not something you get when you buy at the store. Wont be able to make Junes outting but Im sure it will be great.....eat hardy.
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