Happy Smoking Frome Central NY

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Original poster
Aug 20, 2006
Just wanted to say Hi from a new member in Central NY (Utica). My son bought me a Char-Broil with side fire box for fathers day (after I watched to many compitions on the Food Network, I had to try it). I am a newbie. With the great weather we have had here all summer (lol) constant rain and only being able to smoke on weekends it's tough to get in the time. I figured I needed some help. So here I am.
Did a beer Butt today.
1 question. Vary little beer evaporated (I had seasoning in it and Cider Vinager), is this normal. Chicken tasted great. I think I smoked it a little to long. It was real moist and kind of just fell off the bones. My wife says (the expert) it was cooked to long and should not of fell of the bone so easy. We actually had to watch for bones as we were eating. Is this normal? I used a hole frying chicken. Cooked 3 hours at 210-250 (still learning to maintain a constant tempurature).
Happy Smoking
Welcome Steve...Glad to have you here...this is THE place to find new friends and to help you along in the never ending learning fun of the fine art of smoking...lots of great people here ready to answer all your questions...
As far as your chicken...I have never had one that fell apart as you describe...you can usually raise the temp up to around 275*..to get a crispier skin..some even go higher ..all per. preference...and for all the one's I have done..very little does evaporate from the can...
you should always check the temp of the bird to make sure it cooked correctly...170*-180*..the white meat will always cook quicker than the dark...so keep an eye on things.....
Hope this helps...
Again Welcome

Thanks for the quick response. When I took it out the temp in the theigh of the bird was about 183. (like I said I don't tink my wife knows what low & slow does.)


This smoker lives in the Northern Adirondacks. Sounds like my wife would have loved your chicken. It was done.

Ask lost of questions. These folks know smoke.

Glad you made it rosorange! Welcome! Is your smoker a Silver Smoker by Char-Broil? If so, that's what I smoke on. I had a little difficulty with the temperature at first too. I did a lot of digging, and found a lot of folks with the Silver had made some modifications to the unit because of the same issue. The modifications were easy to make. I posted them in the Charcoal Smokers forum under the Smoking Supplies & Equipment section. If you end up with any specific questions that pertain to the use of your smoker, Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]d be glad to help. Again, welcome!
Steve, glad to have you here at SMF. Unless you have a tough old laying hen, chicken doesn't really benefit from "low and slow" as most chickens go to processing at a young tender age. If your dark meat was at 183*, your white meat was probably around the 195* range-it's a good thing that you were doing a BBC as the moisture from the beer helped to keep your white meat from drying out. Check out the mods that SmokeMack posted and may the best of the thin blue be yours.
Steve welcome, nothing like grabbing a cold one, and going out to play with the smoker. Remember, if you are looking, you aint cooking. Did the chicken taste good? did you get a sense/smell of smoke while eating it? Most important, if you were in a restaurant, would you order this meat again?

If you answered yes, and you did not get sick from eating your own cooking.....YOU DID A GREAT JOB SMOKING CHICKEN.

The more you cook, the better you will get, and it will get better,

Grab a cold one, and jump right on in. If you don't post we are not talking with you...Have a good time and welcome.
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