Happy birthday

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Thanks fellas! I appreciate it!
Whoever ordered the 5 to 10 inches of snow we are supposed to get between tonight and Thursday can rescind that gift... I'm accepting cards only! :emoji_blush:

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He's only 51. Still a young pup.

You mean when you hit 50 you don't start subtracting? I was gonna go with 49!
I almost screwed up... wife is 6 days older than me, so I only get 6 days of the year I can call her my old lady without getting into trouble! Had totally forgotten until 8 last night... that was close. She started using sign language, think she was saying I'm number 1! 🤣

Wishing you a great BD, bud. And here's how you always get to call your wife your old lady, marry one a few years older, not mere days.
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Happy Birthday Ryan,


Cake and Gravy is on the menu

Have a great gravy day

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