Greetings from Texas!

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Original poster
Jun 20, 2007
Houston, Texas

I've been smoking meats for the last 10 years.

I started as a "purist" (must use wood for smoking meats). But now I favor the gassers (LPG) and have 2 of the GOSMs: A stainless steel Big Block from Sam's and the narrower non-stainless version from Wal Mart.

Years ago I started with a New Braunfels Black Diamond (NBBD), which is the horizontal offset fire box smoker. I never really got great results with the NBBD even after mods, so I went with a New Braunfels Bandera which is a vertical offset firebox smoker. I got much better results with it (with mods). But the problem with both of those was temperature control. I had to babysit the smokers all day to maintain temps. So thats what got me to the "gassers".

I found Smoking Meat Forums while researching the Masterbuilt electric stainless steel smoker at Sam's. I almost bought one since I like the idea of setting a thermostat for temps. But I read that electric smokers don't cook like "flame" units, and will not put a smoke ring in a brisket for example. Also I don't quite see the airflow through the Masterbuilt like I see it designed in to the GOSMs. So I will research more, and if I get one I will report on it here.

egkor (Gary K) in Texas
Hi Gary,welcome to SMF
Great group of people here.
Don't forget to sigh up for Jeff's free 5 day Ecourse
Good luck on your hunt for a new smoker.
Welcome aboard Gary, you're gonna love it here! Looking forward to your posts!
Nice to have you with us here at SMF Gary. Pull up a chair, open a cold one and read through all the great stuff here.


I think I have attached 2 pics ... One should be of Beef Brisket, and the other should be of Beer Can Chickens.

egkor (Gary K)

Howdy from yet another Texan. Welcome to the best place on the net.
Brisket looks great....chicken looks mighty tasty. I have a couple chickens brining in the fridge as we speak.
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