Greetings from SF

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Original poster
Oct 13, 2021
San Francisco CA
I’m a 5th generation San Francisco native, rec’d my first BBQ (Weber Genesis Silver C) 21 years ago from mom and dad for Father’s Day when my son was born. Just got an Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Combo Charcoal/Gas Smoker and Grill for my birthday this year and hope to get better at the smoking craft… the neighborhood boys are counting on me.
Have a daughter in school in Texas, love things Southern- BBQ, Country Music, Friday night lights… miss my mom who loved the South! Hope to learn a few things here…
Senor G.
Welcome from Virginia! My Sis lived in SF for almost a decade, I used to have a blast on visits. Fun town…I don’t recall too much BBQ, so I can believe your neighbors are counting on you!
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Welcome Senor from South Carolina. If you can't get an answer or learn something here, then it can't be answered or learned. The knowledge base here is unbelievable...
Welcome from a 4th generation San Franciscan, I grew up in Redwood City, started my union carpentry apprenticeship working in the financial district. CA is a great place to be from, live in AZ now. RAY
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Much appreciate the warm welcome… smoking’s a whole different deal but I’ve been obsessed with getting after it due to a few too many late night episodes of “BBQ Pitmasters”; been starting slow with chicken wings, duck, and Chilean Sea Bass… all too heavy on the smoke. Did get a chance to visit Loro Asian Smokehouse in Dallas last week w/Sis and friends, inspired me to give pork belly a try next..
Looking forward to a lot of deep dives into past posts and links for awhile to up my BBQ game, well aware just as there’s a reason people are in the stands instead of on the field, the same applies to people behind the stove versus those just at the table waiting to eat..
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