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    pretty new to smoking i have done a couple butts and a brisket and wrecked a rack of ribs, live and learn i guess. few questions I have a smoker grill with a side barrel for the wood and coals to go in, the main part of the grill is pretty big the times i have smoked i put the charcoal and the wood in the barrel part and worked good but i went through 2 bags of charcoal, so this morning i put on a pork butt on one side of the grill and the coals on the other instead of in the side barrel i realizze the down fall of that is when i have to add more coals to it i have to open the main lid letting the heat and smoke out. maybe i can get some opinions on that.  I also sent my girlfriend to the store to pick up some smoking wood and she came back with chips instead of chunks and from what i have read is that chips r more for gas grills and chunks for charcoal grills, gonna use the chips today cause i dont feel like goin back to the store this morning.
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    Try burying the chips in the charcoal.....  Charcoal is usually placed in a basket in the FB......   Seal all the air leak in the smoker with aluminum foil for now.....  Place the charcoal at the Fire Box (FB) end of the smoker and regulate the air inlet of the FB to control the heat...  Air leaks are a MAJOR problem when it comes to heat control and wasting fuel...   Can you put up pictures of your smoker ....  inlets, FB, CC (cook chamber), exhaust, lids etc..... Someone on here will have used the unit you have and can provide some useful information....   


    click on the link below for a few pictures......
  3. "two bags of charcoal" could be really good, or really bad.  A "bag" of charcoal can be 8 lbs or smaller in which case using two bags could be good or a "bag" could be 20 lbs in which case it could be bad.  At any rate, given the context, it sounds bad so the cause is probably air leaks.  I recommend looking for posts where folks seal your type cooker for some ideas.  Temp control is vital to low n slow BBQ.  Temp control is obtained by reducing/eliminating air leaks.

    Chips can be used without problem.  You can add them direct to the coals or built a pouch from foil and poke a few holes in it and toss it on the coals.
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......    Great minds think alike.........
  5. After I pushed the button, then read your post, I thought the same thing.  LOL
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    Thanks for the tips dave yeah ur right about the leaks for some reason i never thought of that just figured that was how its made I'll check into sealing up those leaks will post some pics thanks again for the info!!!!!   ( 2 16lb. bags thinkin thats not good)

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