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canned smoke

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Oct 1, 2005
Well, it has been awhile since I have been here. New house and new job have kept me busy the last few months. We are all settled in at the new house, well about 98% anyways, and I am moving out of the training phase of the new job which will kind of suck because at that point I move from hourly wage to salary so no more OT.

Anywho I still have the MES but want to get my UDS and pit done. The UDS has been started. I have pictures, but I have to find them. It is currently at the fab shop getting a tweak done so I can them complete it. I wish I had the toys to do the builds and tweaks myself, but until we bought this house we lived in a 900 sf cracker box with no yard and the one car garage had to be used for storage so I had no reason to buy toys. Well now we have a big 2 story farm house, 11 acres, 2 car garage and most importantly, I have my own shop! It will take some time to gather stuff to make it a working shop so in the mean time I will be having a fab shop do the work.

I have some questions about building the RF. The main tank is an old propane tank. Not sure the gallon size, maybe 500. It is 3 feet diameter by 10 feet long. If I am reading things correctly using the calculator to make the firebox it is approx. 35x35x34. The chimney I figured to use 6 inch pipe and it says it needs to be approx. 74 inches. Is this 74 inches above tank or 74 inches from inside the tank then running above?

I am having trouble figuring what to tell the guy to cut the inlet for the firebox and tank. Am I right that the inlet should be about a third of the diameter of the tank?

For the doors, I am considering a 4 door design. 3 doors along the front of the tank each being in the neighborhood of 33 inches then one large door along the back for loading a whole hog if I ever decide to. I will get some sketches done showing the counter weight system to operate doors on both sides as well as a dual rack system for doing either whole hog or individual shelves for the smaller doors and maybe some of you guys can offer some input as to whether you think it would work. Now, for the doors, do you just cut the height from the top to the mid point of the tank? 

I have more questions but these are ones I have that will get my sketches done and the build started.

Thanks in advance.
Awesome build and congratulations on the new place and especially the new shop.  If I was you I would make the chimney 8 inches, then you only need a 42 inch chimney.  The chimney is measured from where it exits the tank.  Total area needed for the firebox to cook chamber opening is 333 square inches, according to the calculator, so the opening should be cut up to about 9 inches from the bottom of the tank.  This link     gives the area of this sector. 

Good luck.

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