First Try at Vortex Ribs

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Ribs are gonna have a small done window when cooked at high heat. I found this doing baby backs on the Kettle at 350*+ temps. Can't sleep on em or they'll be on the other side of done in a flash.
Agreed. I learned this this with the vortex the hard way lol. Destroyed a batch of wings one time. I'm mostly a low and slow guy and it was a learning curve.
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Also appears he's taken the charcoal grate out, then wrapped it in foil. I lay two large pieces of foil to cover the grate and use it to also line the inside of the Kettle, since the cooking grate is larger than the charcoal grate.
I don't wrap the charcoal grate. Basically I pull off a long sheet of 18" foil. Maybe 3-4' long. Then cram it into the gap between the vortex and the inside of the kettle making a trough of sorts. One long sheet makes it a little over half way around and then I overlap it with another long sheet on the other side. Hard to tell from the pics but it's basically a foil lined ditch around the vortex.
Shut off the vents when I'm done and once everything has cooled just fold the foil in on the drippings and into the trash. Had to figure out easy cleanup cause I'm lazy.
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