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  1. First time cooking ribs ever and trying them on my new master built. Picked up some St. Louis style spare ribs from Costco. Local grocery market didn't have any wood chunks except for mesquite which I read on here that wasn't recommended for pork ribs. They had some chips that were a mix of Sassafras, wild cherry, hickory and apple wood all cut from the Missouri Ozarks. So far about 1.5 hours in they smell awesome. Kind of windy today so my temps seem to be all over the place, having to babysit it! This forum has been awesome for a newbie to figure out what he is doing. I will post some more pics as it progresses.

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    Sounds like you're off to a good start!  Keep us posted [​IMG]

  3. Ribs turned out ok, not quite as tender as I would have liked but pretty tasty still. The chicken wings turned out really good. Didn't realize that the Kicken Chicken spice was as spicy as it was. They were great with some ranch dressing to dip them in. Can't wait to try again.

    Ready to unfoil after 2 hours
    Ready to go after final 3,2,1 process!

  4. looks like a awesome feast
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    All looks tasty.
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