First time Jerky

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phil in bc

Original poster
Jan 5, 2013
Kamloops BC Canada
Hi Guys,
Looking at making some Jerky, brought home small lean inside round roast to give it a try. I'm looking for a marinade recipie and any tips you may have to share. Thanks
I know some of the purist might roll their nose up at this but I've made more than one batch of beef jerky with Dale's & Shiner bock beer for my marinade. I do a 1 to 1 ratio with 2 TBS of red pepper flake for 6 to 12 hrs. For those sensitive to salt, Dale's makes a low sodium product as well.
Yoder set on 180° for about 3 hours. Good jerky flavor profile IMO. Simple recipe.

You could probably do the same with Allegro but I haven't tried that marinade yet. Might just try it my next batch!

Full disclosure - I buy a 12 pack of Shiner for making jerky but I only use 1 bottle for the jerky :emoji_grimacing:🍻
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Dales Low sodium is good. Teriyaki profile is also tasty. So many flavors. Do you have cure #1, smoker or just oven/dehydrator? So many options and difficult to mess up. I do like a couple hrs of smoke.
Yes i do have cure 1, and i do have a smoker and dehydrator. From what i have read so far i expect i'll use both, smoke for a few hours and then finish in the dehydrator.

I'm not sure on the quantity of the cure 1 though. Would it be at the same 0.25% as when making bacon?

As for marinade, i have not seen much in the way of commercial mixes so i'm going to have to do my own. I do like teriyaki so kinda leaning that way, but pepper jerky is always good as well. So many options, not enough beef, this time. This will be my practice round though, good place to learn.
That is the cure amount I use. Slice you meat when it is still partially frozen against the grain. Soak in marinade for several hours or over night. Last batch I smoked for about 4 hours and had a few thicker pieces that I put in the oven to dehydrate. It it hard to REALLY mess up jerky. Some batches may not be the greatest but it is still pretty good. Beer will wash it down.
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Got 2 different recipies going, one hot habanero pepper and the other is a teriyaki. The meat already seems to be getting a bit firmer just from being in the brine. I'll get this into the smoker for a few hours tomorrow and finish up in the dehydrator. Looking forward to trying something new, thanks to you guys.


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