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  1. Greetings everyone!

    I kind of found this site by accident (how can accidents be an accident if they are loaded with good stuff is beyond me) and wanted to give my hello's to everyone from here in the First State - Delaware. I've been a pretty much lifelong BBQ'er, but only very recently (like two weeks ago) ventured into the world of SMOKE! My life has been permanently altered by the smell of Mesquite, Hickory, Oak and Apple wood as it slowly escapes ever so majestically from this little H2O smoker I came across on clearance.

    In the past two weeks since finding this little cylindrical wonder, I have smoked six racks of pork ribs, three pounds of Sweet Italian Sausage, one chicken, two pounds of choriso sausage, eight red potatoes, two large sweet Vidalia onions, and just today, a 10-hour session with a five-pound beef brisket that was fall-apart wonderful!

    All I used was a very simple rub recipe on the meats that I found on another web site, followed by an overnight stay in the refrigerator (the meats ... not me.) The rub: salt/black pepper/sweet Spanish paprika/Thyme and dark brown sugar.

    I need to keep this smokingitis (I think that's what I would call this affliction) small, but I do have my eye on a Great Smokey Mountain Smoker (actually two of them - one purely for wood, and the other that's propane fueled.)

    My wife knows how much I love to cook -- when we bought our home, I told her the kitchen was mine -- so she wasn't surprised at all when I began smoking everything in sight!

    Today was "The Best" ever. Four of my neighbors walked into my yard (the smoke that came through their bedroom windows at 7 a.m. kind of woke them up) and asked what I was burning. Well, I showed them and guess who showed up for dinner? Two of them went out today and bought smokers. I think I started something!

    Well, this was a very long "Hi everyone" on my part, so thanks for letting me type away here. I most certainly will make appearances here as time marches on.

    By the way, my beautiful propane grill has sat languishing in the shadows, hoping it might be lit one more time before I never use it again. Well, maybe I'll drag it out in the winter months when I want a quick steak or burger.

    Yes, I am a retired Air Force guy (20 years, two weeks, one day and 6 hours of active duty - but who was counting) and I had the best possible job in the whole Air Force -- journalist, newspaper editor, photographer and, oh yes, all the public affairs stuff I could handle. I loved it!
    [​IMG] Go Air Force !
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    Welcome to SMF the best site on the web!!!! you'll fall in luv with it. Your wife is going to get mad because when you arent tending the smoker you will be on the puter lookin at SMF.... [​IMG]
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    thank you for your service, old airforce guy..
    wecome ar
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    Just to say WELCOME.
    From Ronp100343
    And thank you for you service.[​IMG]
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    welcome to smf hope you have good time in here

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