First pellet smoker build

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by fullborebbq, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. I am building my first pellet smoker and am at a point where I need to decide where the stack will be located on the unit. I will post some pictures soon but here is the basics.

    The unit is 3'wide 3' deep and 4' tall. The doors are full width and take up the middle 2' of the front area. Construction is 1"x1" 16G tubing. Interior is 16G hot rolled steel the outside is 26G stainless steel.

    Oh and the walls are filled with 1" Mineral wool insulation.

    I will be using the 18" deep DIY unit from

    I will eventually be putting in a 4 tray rotisserie with the bottom tray hanging about the middle of the unit. Until then I plan on using a single shelf at approx the same height.

    I have planned on using a 4" down too 3" reducer through the wall and 3" stack. Not sure of how to throttle the stack yet.

    Any observations would be well appreciated.


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