first brisket

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What do I try next time, I used hickory, would you suggest something different?
looked good to me. i go w/ mesquite for brisket- just a texan thing. maybeit went past 140 too quick for the smoke ring to form....i assume you had it @ room temp for a bit before putting it on the pit? i also marinade/inject mine w/ balsamic vinegar,worchy & italian dressing.
It does look good, and yes a stronger wood would add more flavor, I dont foil but then i havent done a flat i alwase smoke a large packers cut.

180-190 is plunty hot enough, its time that breaks down the meat and makes it tender.
good job tho
I see a pretty good smoke ring you got going there. It looks moist and tender to me. I would say thats a success.
Thanks for sharing.
Hey gypsy

good call on reaching 165 a little to soon. I was wondering when I reached 165 after 5 hrs of smoking. My smoker temp was 225-250.
After further review I found that my auger was feeding too fast creating to much heat. On smoke I should be at about 180-200. I'll try another brisket soon.

if you run your smoker at 180-200° the meat will never hit 200°. 225-250° is right. i run mine 225-250° everytime.

your brisket looks good to me. the one i did this last sunday, i didn't foil it until it hit 200°. then i let it rest for 2 hours. i sprayed it with a mixture of 6-oz apple juice with a couple of splashes of capt morgan's parrot bay coconut flavored rum. i used mesquite and pecan wood this time.
Looks good here. I'd say thats a success, especially if its your first one!
Nice job, love the q-view!
Steve -

That brisket looks nice to me! Got at least a 1/4' smoke ring going there! I like to mix hickory and mequite when I smoke brisket it's a nice combination and easy to get! Good job!

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