First Brisket

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Original poster
Jul 4, 2007
I am thinking about smoking my first brisket this weekend. It's about a 8-10# brisket. I plan to use Stubb's Rub on it, as that is my favorite. My question: I have heard 2 theories about oven cooking / smoking, and kinda wanna try one to cut down on cookin time. I have heard to cook in oven first for about 4 hrs around 300 or so, then smoke for about 4 hrs(there abouts anyway). Or vice versa smoke for about 4 hrs, then finish in oven for a couple / few hours.

Any thoughts or suggestions for this methods, or am I committing a sin for using oven / smoker?? Like I said this is all new to me. I have had the oven then smoker method and thought it turned out well when someone else did it.

Any tips on oven temp. / time and smoker tempo / time??

cook in the smoker (at 225-240°) until the meat hits 160°ish internal. then foil and place in a 250° oven until it hits the temp you desire. i have done it this way a few times.

if you cook it in the oven some first, you risk getting past 140° (the temp at which meat quits taking smoke flavor). edit #2: it will still take on smoke flavor, but the smoke ring will cease to develop anymore. i wasn't thinking clearly when i wrote the original post.

edit #1: after you pull it out of the oven (or smoker, if you finish it there), wrap in a couple of towels and place in a cooler (stuffed with towels to fill the space) for and hour or two to let the juices redistribute thru the meat.
I recommend that you smoke it for at least 4 hrs. Then you can put it in the oven with some broth, covered and finish it there... It will be juicy and tender...
If you were of a mind you wanted to do part of your cook in the oven I would do it towards the end as most have suggested. After you foil it up if that is what you choose to do it won't make much difference. Meat does not quit taking on smoke flavor at 140° however. The nitrates and nitrites cease to breakdown and therefore the formation of the smoke ring stops at around 140°. Your brisket, or anything else, will take on smoke flavor the whole time it is in the smoke.
Yup,I agree with smoking first,and everything else everyone said.
But nobody mentioned time.
It'll take a lot of time,but you need to monitor the internal temp. of your brsiket.That's really important.You'll hit a plateau where it doesn't change.
It could last hours.But you have to be patient!
To get a better idea check the column on the left and click on brisket,Jeff gives a good description of what to expect.
Good luck!
Very good. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated. I think we are going to dry out this weekend from all our rain, so I plan on firing up the smoker.

Now, this is where I feel like a total idiot!! When you say wrap in towels.....(and don't laugh here).....but do you mean wrap the actual meat in foil, and wrap the foil in towels, or you talkin bout wrappin the meat itself in towels????
Wrap the meat in foil (I usually double wrap w/ foil, especially something as big as a brisket) then wrap that in towels and stuff towels and whatever else in the dead air space in the cooler. You don't need to go quite that far unless you need to hold it for over 2 or 3 hours though.
chad, i stand corrected. i had alot of stuff going on yesterday when i wrote that. thanks for correcting me.

i don't do the cooler thing. i just place it on my stove, wrapped in foil, for an hour or so. then i slice the flat and pull the point.
OK, one last question I think: Is there a certain temperature I am looking for the meat to be when finished. I think I am going to smoke it first for a low temp for 4-5 hours then finish in the oven, but how long sould I cook it in the oven for. I got the temp to cook it at in the oven from Mr. Harper, but how long to I cook it??

Thnks, Jay
Jay, once your in foil, doesn't matter how you finish it but your desired temp is 195-200 and as far as how long will that take..................thats up to your brisket, it'll be done when its done, install a probe before you put it in the oven and good luck
i take mine to 200°, in the flat. i slice the flat (thick slices) and pull the point. i am doing a brisket today, about to fire up the smoker. i am also doing 24 ABTs, and a fatty. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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