First brisket in the new Yoder, big temp differences

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Dec 28, 2013
New Jersey
Hi Everyone,

Did my first brisket in the new YS640. I had huge temp differences between the control board read out and actual temps. 

It was cold and windy today, 19 degrees when i started warming up to 22.  It was breezy with 12-15 mph winds.  Here are the numbers:

started in heat mode 3 at the preset temp  of 350., it hit 225 in 20 minutes. 

i set it at 275 and I put the 7 lb brisket in  and the temp dropped to 190.

while set at 275, the control board readings where shooting up to 305 but the actual temp (i had two different probes in there) was 205

Throughout the entire process i never had less than a 40 degree difference between what the control board was reading and the actual temperature.  At times it was as high as a 70 degree difference.

at 3.5 hrs at temps ranging from 190 to 235 the meat hit 155 and i pulled and wrapped it.  threw it back in and it was done in 2.5 hours more at 203 degrees.

It came out very good, but i was stressing with the huge temp differences displayed between the control panel and the actual temps.  The huge temp differences also existed between the set temp on the control board and the probe temp displayed on the control board.  Always ranging between 40 and 70 degree difference.  That just seems crazy to me.  Anyone have any input?

Below are some pix of the brisket. ( I uploaded them in reverse order)

Hey, I can't speak for the Yoder as I have a GMG. However I did have a faulty sensor after a few uses and called GMG and they sent one out next day air. This was a low pellet sensor but none the less a faulty piece of equipment. Just speculation but you may have a faulty control board or sensor, again just speculation.... IMHO, that sounds like way too big of a temp difference even with a breeze. Has this happened before ?? If I were you, I would contact the place you bought it and express your concerns and issues. Just my 2 cents. Good luck !
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Don't know much about cooking on a Yoder, but your brisket looks great...nice job!

As Justin said, that sounds like a pretty significant temp difference.  I here good things about Yoder's customer service...I'd give them a call and get their input.


I've got the Yoder, and I've noticed when I use the H3 setting, it is pretty aggressive as far as temp swings. I usually use the 1 or 2 setting, it takes a little longer to warm up, but seems to be more stable.

Probably should still give them a call, you  may have a bad sensor.

Brisket looks great!!!

I have been reading on a number of forums that until you get a few smokes through the Yoder you'll probably experience the swings.

Good looking brisket!

Thanks for the input guys.  I am going to give it another run this weekend and see if it settles down. if it doesnt improve i will call Yoder. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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