Firebox wider than smokechamber

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Sep 27, 2021

currently i am building a offset smoker. I have a 1000 liter smoke chamber (75cm diameter). Would it be a problem if i use a 95m diameter firebox?

In the Netherlands it is hard to find gas tanks that are used so i cant easily buy another 1000 liter propane tank.

I hope you guys can help me out! 😁
Like peachy said, what's the volume ( and length) of the firebox tank?
What's the length of the chamber tank also?
A few cm difference won't hurt anything unless you're worried about space or looks, as long as the firebox isn't
bigger than the chamber and I'm not sure that would even make a difference as long as you have proper venting.
Thanks for helping!
The volume of the firebox tank is also 1000 liter, but i can cut it to the size we want.

i have to buy this tank too, but im not sure if i should do it because of the bigger diameter of this tank.

what do you say, buy this one or wait untill i find another 1000 liter tank with the same diameter (a propane tank)
Square up the top half of the FB....
The FB can be smaller than the tutorial numbers...

Fit up to biypass a football shape.jpg
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I have an air compressor tank that has a volume of 200 liters. 42cm diameter and 135cm length.

i thougt the diameter would be to small for the cooking chamber.

would this work?

i have added images (black one is the small one and the green one is the big one)

Hello Sietseweg,

Instead of repurposing a second tank for the firebox, have you considered simply fabricating a square FB out of plate steel? If you did, you could build it so that it would match the dimensions of your cook chamber.

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