Fingers crossed on a brisket

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Smoke Blower
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Jun 30, 2016
Have friends from Carolina set to fly in this afternoon and arrive this evening.  Had a brisket in the freezer so said why not.  After trimming was close to nine pounds.  Up at 3:30 and had the brisket on by 4:30.  This is where it gets interesting.

Smoker ran fairly constant at around 245.  At 7:30 decided to go ahead and put the temp probe in to check it.  IT was already 180, much to my surprise.  I was amazed at how fast it was cooking.  By 10:30 IT was close to 200.  Started probe testing and still had a couple of spots where it wasn't tender enough.  A little after 11 still had one spot that wasn't quite tender enough so let it go a bit longer.  11:30, 7 hours later I pulled it and into the cooler it went.  Wrapped in foil and double towels to keep it nice and insulated.  

Friends won't arrive until after 5 so here is to hoping it stays nice and warm in there.  I just have never had a brisket cook this fast and am at a bit of a loss.  I never wrapped it just kept pushing right along.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  Gonna throw a stuffed porkloin on pretty soon as well.  

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