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ECB Modification, how do you build the "charcoal rails"?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by valvano, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. valvano

    valvano Newbie

    Hi, I have a ECB that I have made a few mods to, not much, but have gotten it to work fine.  However, I want to go hard core with it for smoking for the Super Bowl and am going to do the mods described at this website:


    My only question is, how do you build the charcoal rails described as part of Modification 2?  He doesn't go into explaining what he did, or how he built it, unless I completely missed it.  What are the charcoal rails and how are they attached to the charcoal grill from the smokey?

    Thanks in advance for you help!!
  2. tony111

    tony111 Smoke Blower

    I used expanded metal for a grate and the charcoal rails. Just bent the metal into a long oval and used mechanics wire to secure the ends and tie it to the grate in the center. It does not take much to hold it in place, once you add the charcoal it can't go anywhere. If this is not clear to you I can take a pic for you .   good luck
  3. tony111

    tony111 Smoke Blower

    Found this shot I already had . I think I am going to mod. it and make it a little shorter in lenth so I can get a complete circle of charcoal on the grate. I have seen where some just use a tin soup can with the bottom cut out and holes drilled around it.[​IMG]
  4. valvano

    valvano Newbie

    thanks, i think i may do the soup can method for now,

    i really appreciate the help!