Dutch's New Ride

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Jul 7, 2005
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Those that have been on this forum as long as I have know of my love for old cars and also know of the fact that I was willing to trade my oldest daughter away for her fiance's '67 Ford Mustang :twisted: He got my daughter and still kept his car. 8) This past weekend my dream of Classy car ownership came true as Sam and I went to the Cache Valley Cruise-in. The Bride and I are now proud new owners of a 1955 Chevy Bel Air.
The car is in remarkably great shape. Needs a new master cylinder and a couple of brake cylinders and some trim pieces but she's driveable. The boy's and I plan on entering our first car show in August. WooHoo :D


Here's wishing you unlimited Miles O' Smiles!

Just don't fix her up toooo nice Dutch, paint her red, and name her Christine

(Now I have to go rent the Stephen King movie)

Great find!
Going to keep her Cream over Black and we named her "Lucile" in memory of my mom.
Very nice ride Dutch! Ill bet that Chevy turns a lot of heads! I would like to have a classic car myself! I would kiss it...and rub it ...and hold it... :D LOL! Congrads! Its a fine looking automobile!
Noah, Lucile is in good condition. She needs a new windshield, a couple of wheel cylinders and a new master cylinder and she is road ready. She is missing a couple of trim pieces on the body but in my research, they were optional pieces anyway.
We are looking at changing over to power brakes with disks up front and drums in the back. This winter we are planning to switch over to power steering and redoing some body work on the front fenders. Lucile came equiped with a factory straight 6 cyl. engine but the boy's are trying to get me to drop a 350 V8 in it's place-maybe in a couple of years-we'll see.
Sounds like a real solid platform for a great car! If you are having to replace that many brake parts, then it would be smart to go ahead with the front disk conversion. You will really appreciate it! What kind of condition is the frame and body in? I have the impression that you live in a dry climate, but do they salt the roads?
Noah-I found a power brake conversion kit for about $700 bucks. If I were to locate the individual componants locally, it would run close to $1200.

The car was built in Canada and was in California up until last May when it was loaded on a trailer and hauled to Utah (high Desert country). They salt the roads here in winter but Lucile will be a fair weather driver.

My son has access to a medium blaster, so we might pull the body off the frame and blast and powder coat the frame this winter just for something to do. :P
very nice ride dutch a 55 bel air was my first car, now im inspired to finish my 66 buick wildcat. i think ill start on after this fridays smoke
happy cruzin for you and your lady. salbaja gato aka wildcat
Thanks, Wildcat. Ordered my brake convertion kit last week (found one for $550.00) should be here in another week or so. Now I just need to locate a front windshield. Can you say "kaching, kaching"? :shock: :shock:
Hey Dutch, try:

John Chambers Vintage Chevrolet
only 55 * 56 * 57's
PO BOX 35068, Dept. WS
Phoenix, AZ 85069
Phone (623) 934-CHEV(2438)
Fax (602)298-CHEV(2438)

If he doesn't have it, he'll tell ya where you can find it.

Yea, he's my Uncle - Been in the biz for 30+ years.
Hey Dutch,
Just found the post about your new shoebox. Nice to be a member of a forum that has people that share more interests than that of the forum platform.
I am more into 60's and early 70's muscle, but then I'm 10 years younger. I do still have my first car though. My highschool sweetheart 54 Chevy Belair. I've owned her since I was 16. Only has only 67,000 miles on the clock.
Among the classics I've owned are:
66 Nova SS 327
72 Nova SS 427
64 Impala SS 327 (my favorite of the bunch)
70 Chevelle SS 454
72 Formula Firebird 455 tri power
64 Chevy short wide bed big window C10 (my current project)
If I only knew then what I know now..............
Keep the 6 banger. I drove from Omaha Nebraska to Hollywood CA when I was 20 in a 60 Willys truck with an F-4. Had to rebuild the carb in a NAPA parking lot durring a windstorm in Colarado Springs. Had high hopes of becoming a rock star back then. Man, there ain't enough air way up there to get a motor with that much stroke and that little of a carb to go anywhere.
My current project has a bored 292-6, hybrid head and a 6-71 supercharger. Shootin' for 1000 hp. That's hard enough with a V-8. Takes a whole bunch of $ that I don't have to get it with a 6 with no laughing gas. But that's part of the fun.
This is what I work on while smoking. I find that assembly lube enhances the flavor of a brisket.
Gunslinger-Them are some nice rides!! My first "vintage" vehicle was a 1960 Chevy 3/4 ton p/u that I picked up while in high school. Next was a '72 Vega (yeah, I know) that I picked up in '75. It came with a 4 banger, then the guy that became my BIL showed me an article were a guy dropped a 350 small block in his Vega and since the BIL had an extra 350 and tranny we said "why not?" Left folks smoking at the line and when they would catch up with us, we'd give 'em a peek at the 350 under the hood. :twisted:

I'm going to keep "Lucile" as original as possible-the only major thing I've done so far is to switch out the front spindles and brakes (now running power disk brakes up front and factory drums in the rear, Tri-5 folks I've talked to made some strong recommendations about making the switch to power disk brakes- I still have the original spindles and stuff to switch it back to original if needs be.

Last Sat. I was at a car show where a guy had two '55 Bel Air 4 door sedans that were identical in everyway but under the hood. The first still had the original in-line 6 and the second one had a turbo charged Edelbrock 350. The guy show me the appraisal papers and the stock 55 appraised value was $8,000 greater than the one with the 350 engine in it.

The only way "Lucile" will get a 350 is if we can't rebuild the 6.
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