Do they make hog casings in 20ish mm?

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Great insight. Thank you! I definitely want to work on the recipe as mine taste like an uncooked hot dog which isn't bad, but not great either. I used a Hi-Mountain Hickory mix just because I had some on hand and thought it'd be the easiest method for my first batch (limit the variables). I think I want more black pepper. Mind sharing a recipe you like?

This is my recipe:

Not fancy in the slightest, but I'm sort of trying to replicate an existing beef stick, which is why I'm using a seasoning pack.

I'm a bit of a snack stick deviant in that I don't like them with "tang." I also want them dryer than most, and I don't double grind for that coarse texture. I also prefer convenience-store nachos to restaurant nachos... So maybe I'm not to be trusted :) As such, what I like most isn't probably the same as what I'd recommend:

The two-guys-and-a-cooler recipes are also good, so you may like this one more: Also better because you don't need to go out and buy a seasoning pack. I think it's easier to mix and adjust from scratch instead of a seasoning pack, since you know 100% what you're dealing with. (Not to mention I had assumed that any commercial blend would be "a good starting point" and was surprised to find that wasn't true in the slightest. Some are awful).
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