Damn, Life is Really Flinging Feces

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I'm not overly religious, but sending prayers up to the big guy for ya John. Stay strong.

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Thank you to everyone who has replied, I appreciate the support.
I finally have an appointment for the 26th, time to find out, the not knowing is what's stressful as all hell.

As far as those wanting to know what they can do to help us out?
Times are tough for everybody, we're not asking for handouts or charity, but we're trying to increase our other means.

Most of ya might know my wife is an author.
Do you have a wife, mother, girlfriend, teen daughter or whomever who likes to read?
Then my wife has some great books they might like.
Buy them the first book in either series and see if they like them, or buy them a whole series.
You'd be helping us out and giving them a nice gift.

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I thought I had responded to this thread but it seems I did not. My apologies. I hope you got the best possible news for your condition from the doctor visit.

I have forwarded your wife's publishing info to my wife who is very active in the 'book scene' here in Green Bay. With some good fortune, this could turn into some sales here in town.

Best wishes to you and your family.

JC :emoji_cat:
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Jesus Wept, John. Sorry, but I missed this--just read about it now.
Life's really been dumping on you this year, my friend. But you CAN beat this. One of my cousins has had kidney cancer and breast cancer (both sides) and has beat them both. Just believe, and you can too.
You gotta know, Miss Linda and I have you in our prayers.
I haven't been around in awhile, and I just wanted to say, "Thank you so much!" we deeply appreciated the help.
And to let y'all know that things have worked out.

First and foremost, I'm cancer free... Thank you Lord!
Had it cut out and I'm good to go.

We got deeper in debt and it was looking grim, so I finally said "F it!" and cashed out a 401k.
Took the damned 25% federal/state tax hit, and paid off everything, debt free now. Even bought my wife the second car she's been wanting.

And the kicker is, I start a new gig with Daher Aerospace on Monday.
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