Crispy Catfish and Straw Fries

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Looks real good, Brian. Any chance you'll share the full recipe and method for that crispy coating? I have been wanting to make some fried fish.

Also, searching for that straw fry recipe didn't yield anything for me here.

I put that Presto cooker on my Amazon list. At $44 it cant hurt to have one around if one has the storage. It would be in between my two fryers size-wise at 5 quarts.

I have had the T-FAL Ultimate EZ Clean Fryer for years. On my second one, 9 years so far on that one. When the oil cools, you just flip a switch and walk away and it drains and filters in to the pan below which has a sort of Tupperware type snap-on cover that contains the oil from easily spilling.

I also have the Masterbuilt Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Cook Fryer. It appears to no longer be made, its unavailable basically everywhere. That doesn't get used as much because it's so big, but If I want to do a bunch of wings at the same time, its great. I've done a whole fried turkey but usually opt for a turkey breast. This steams as well and reminds me (I just keep forgetting about it even though it sits on my garage cook station all the time) I never did that low country boil I've been threatening.
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Gonna try this on some fish...

BrianGSDTexoma BrianGSDTexoma .. You call it a dip, but you actually use it as a dredge/coating then deep fry... Correct ??

When y'all say buttermilk powder... will this work ?


Or do I need his ? This one says sweet cream..


Or just go with this one ?

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Love me some fried fish Brian and that looks mighty good

Point for sure
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Thanks for the link, Brian. He has the text of the recipe there on YouTube. It needs a little tidying up but I'm looking forward to trying it. I already keep buttermilk powder on hand for a couple other recipes.
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