Couple of value reds.

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  1. BKBuilds, what an OHIO grand story indeed!!!!

    Hey that's downright majestic, as I just love those surprises with wine and food too (or people or whatever it be) where you can't even imagine that "where you are" would house such gems!

    What a lovely little secret spot - moreover, how fabulous that someone who knew what the goods actually were was around to watch it, and also share it with those who really care!

    Such great stuff!

    Perhaps the PA laws will change yet, although it's fascinating to see such differences from state to state!

    Great story!!!! These wine/life anecdotes are such a treat!!!

    Cheers!!! - Leah
  2. knuckle47

    knuckle47 Meat Mopper

    Vermont has those same laws and state liquor stores and here in NJ...well that is an entire not a great one at that. Recently saw a Travel Channel story on the Wine Train and while in Napa, route 12 follows the same path thru the vineyards so the drive was fantastic. Then, we saw the movie Sideways... Brings back memories.

    And my last bitch of the day: this is the UNITED States where laws vary so much, you need a guide to know if it's legal to turn right on red or return a 10 cent bottle deposit in this state or that state. It's like 50 different countries
  3. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Free market economy for booze down here,discount wars,give aways,wine clubs ,loyalty cards,everybody wants your business.

    I do like little independent stores,one near me only sells wine,no beer,no spirits!

    The big nation wide chains squeeze wine makers & want big volumes so its often the little independents that have the little artisan,passionate ,winemakers product.

    Its really easy to buy wine here & no state tax on it.Federal only,Australians could drink a bit less & it wouldn't hurt the country or the society a bit.But it wont be price driven. Buy a mixed 6 get 10% off ,buy a mixed 12 get 15% off, spend more than $200 get free delivery, 2 bonus bottles & free delivery if you buy a case, buy 12 get a $10 case of beer the deals go on. 
  4. Well put Knuckle47! (On our "50 different countries")!!

    And interesting Mick, on how it works down under!

    We have a strange "wine evaporation" rate in this household daily...must be the shape of the bottle or something.

    CHEERS!!!!!! - Leah
  5. bkbuilds

    bkbuilds Fire Starter

    I think Mick is just rubbing our nose it in now! /cry

    The only way we can get the prices down to what we paid in the state of OH is to make it ourselves. It works out to about $3.25 a bottle depending on what we're making. Whites a generally cheaper then reds.

    The cheapest bottle of commercial wine in the state of Ohio is (or was) Oak Leaf in Walmart at $3 a bottle.
  6. Ahh, I feel the pain BKBuilds!

    Mick lives in a magical storybook land! (Smiles).

    Or I like to say this, because you HAVE TO SEE HIS DAMN FISH MARKET, KANGAROO SUPPLY, EXOTIC FRUITS & SPICES, AND OF COURSE TOO WINE  WITHOUT ADDED JUNK, to then realize it's God's Country indeed!

    I think I salivate like some Pavlovian puppy, each time he so much as mentions what is available there even!

    Meanwhile, there ARE some finds here too, but we do need to look for them and every state is mighty different!

    Five years ago, "South America" was a safe bet, and you could buy any inexpensive Malbec, Chilean Cab or Carménère and five bucks could even get you a lovely thing!

    Today, there are so many of those same wineries, that have now been bought by Americans who figured that they could make it cheaper, add tons of chemicals, and then export it into grocery stores and rake in the bucks.

    Thus since they bought those houses, the once "OK" cheapy South American wines have mostly gone into a chemical overload of pure junk! AND they raised prices - threw the word "Riserva" on a few, and have fooled our nation but for a few who know the buyers and know what happened.

    Still, there are ways to find wines that are affordable, without tons of junk having been added. A lot of that is "Old World" still (French mostly).

    But VIva Mick's land, and him educating us as to what comes over here that is indeed NOT laden with extra crazy junk!

    OK, that's my editorial rant for today!!!

    So fun, this wine stuff, so fun!!!

    Cheers!!! - Leah 
  7. knuckle47

    knuckle47 Meat Mopper

    My daughter joined a wine club in Rutherford, CA and gets a minimal discount. That white dessert wine I had mentioned elsewhere and posted a photo of in the header of the group page has risen over 30% so that skinny little bottle is now over $70.00 . On top of that they have the shipping schedule set by the milliliter. It will come to $34.00 to ship what amounts to a medium sized shoe box.

    If I told my customers I had to raise prices 30%, there would be no customers.

    Regarding additives... Grandma and I crushed the grapes, let them sit in the barrel for a few days, drained off the juice, then pressed the mash. We added a few heaping spoonfuls of love and fun.
  8. So fascinating about the whole shipping/sending/tax/wine purchases 'dance' altogether!

    And Knucle47, your family method - just adding "warmth" and no junk - is just so beautiful and what wine should entirely be! You were fortunate indeed to be raised by such incredible people!!!

    Happy Thursday to all!!!

    Cheers! - Leah
  9. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    The sub $10 mark is where the real crap kicks in . Big outfits buying grapes at low prices from poor vintages then getting it into the bottle in the shortest amount of time.
    There is so much discounting here that the cheap stuff is really aimed at overseas markets that can't get a handle on what it is. If is says South Eastern Australia on the label ,that's not a state! That's 3 states & likely to be grapes that bought at rock bottom prices then messed with to get it into a bottle fast.
    We have to many vineyard s in places that produce grapes that will make good but never great wine,in the wrong greedy hands they will make bad wine with ease.
  10. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I  know this is available in USA & Canada .Its a bit of a bench mark for cab/sav in this country.Fairly priced relatively large production.

    Its from the best region for cabernet in this country .Coonawarra in South Australia. 

    If you saw the 2012 vintage turn up near you you would get a lot of bang for your buck.Great vintage. Its the sort of wine that people have a standing order for they get a couple of cases of this first then see what else is out there from other producers.

    They do shiraz ,a cab/merlot all with this distinctive label all good value.

    We drank this one last night with what gets called a rib eye on the bone or a "cattleman's cutlet" .

    I am waiting on delivery of a special order cab/sav that is a "Leah special"
  11. Oh Mick,  this food looks so good!!!! I like this "cattleman's cutlet" - that has a nice ring to it even!!!

    And yes, that wine does come here and now it's good to know that it's a safe bet!!

    Moreover, I am VERY excited to hear about your delivery when it comes!!! I wish that one would be exported here!!

    Cheers!!! - Leah
  12. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    What Leah & I are talking about is some wine I bought from Cape Jaffa wines. 100% organic vine yard ,no pesticides!herbicides & only compost as fertiliser . It's also biodynamic which is a little different but really a return to old farming methods where the timing of things was dictated by moon phases & other natural indicators.
    It means less sulphides & nothing artificial which is really big deal if you have allergies to additives.
    It should arrive in a day or 2.
  13. And may I just add that I am more excited about "this delivery" of yours than any other!

    How I would love for them to export that over here, and to try this!!!!

    OK, do share when you drink it!!!! I'm very eager to hear every single detail and note!!!!

    Cheers!!! - Leah
  14. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Happy Birthday Leah.Hope you have a great day.I note that there is no snow in your recent photos so that's an added plus.

    OK  Cape Jaffa has arrived, I will have to refrain from opening it here at work. 

    I am self employed but I fall asleep if I drink in the daytime. I actually don't drink on week nights  especially mondays but given its your birthday its the least can do.[​IMG]  .I will need another 6 hours.

    So tasting notes dark cherries,cassis ,hints of coffee generous mouth feel great length. 14.5% alcohol. Fully certified biodynamic ,minimal sulphites.Critical for Leah because she has allergies to additives. I like to support any food or wine producer that does things the old school ,honourable way & has to compete against the big corporates who cut corners.

    The biodynamic angle interests me & It has a lot of history behind it. Cultivating decisions based on moon phases worked for centuries as did 100% organic fertilizer.

    2012 was a great vintage in this region. For those interested

    Its a very pretty place, a newer wine region but very close to Coonawarra our best cabernet region with the same soil terra rossa over limestone gravel. Beaches nearby ,ocean breezes ,crayfish & other fishing ports not a lot of people.

    Chapouteir out of France had a stake holding there but got out & went to Heathcote in Victoria. A lot of people think he didnt give it enough time to truly show its potential.

  15. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Ran out & got some lamb loin chops to have with "our" Cape Jaffa .Simple marinade of EVO,salt,CBP, lemon zest,garlic,greek oregano & rosemary.Also very Leah.

    They will sit for an hour or so while I hit the gym.

    Plan to just hit them hard & fast on the cast iron griddle plate .
  16. Oh Mick this is the best gift ever!!!

    I have been so jogged about this wine ever since you mentioned them (so wish they came here) and from the purely made gorgeousness of it all, to the notes mentioned, (and then that fine looking lamb!!!) I am so excited to hear all about it.

    Today drinking mostly White Burgundy from France, I break for reds when they are made without junk, like this one, and have all that coffee-esque essence swirled into their composition! This sounds like the perfect wine, and the people who made it sounded so loving and authentic about life, and what they do, and the ocean location sounded so mystical and magical, and well, I am literally sipping through the screen vicariously on this one and hoping they will magically somehow export it here!!!!!

    Keep your details coming please and thank you for sharing something so nice with us!!!! You're probably introducing me to my favorite new wine should I ever try it, and meanwhile, I'll delight in imagining it even!!!

    Cheers!!! - Leah
  17. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Crap photo I will try again shortly ,letting it gasp a bit.

    Very deep dark colour,broke out the good glasses.Home alone so will have to spread over 2 nights.

    Lovely bouquet ,I don't have a terribly finely calibrated palate but this is really something[​IMG]  

    Bear in mind undiscounted this is around the $25 ,I paid $16 per bottle +$6 delivery on the case.

    Thats value thats right out there off the scale bearing in mind this winery isn't a big player & they are certified organic & biodynamic which is a costly process to go through to start.
  18. Oh that looks downright even more gorgeous than expected - and "young" (dark color) which I LOVE and covet in my wines.

    (I may take my men old but am a "Wine Cougar" and can't stand aged, brick, and nearly onto vinegar cellared wines). If I want some age on my grape, I'll open the cupboard and take out the balsamic!

    That being said, the color looks tremendous and beautiful!

    You're so good, splitting it over two days??!!! I must learn that trick. (I drink a bottle of wine each day over the course of cooking, eating, computer side writing, and so forth, but admire your discipline).

    I'm glad you'll get to try it overnight however, as it will be interesting to see if it softens nicely or goes really flat. I'm excited to hear all about it!!!

    And the stemware is exquisite too!

    I'm so excited!!!!

    Cheers! - Leah
  19. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I tried to do your style of meal,simple flavours all natural.Got a bit of a Greek feel ,I even bought some of that Himalayan pink salt & ground it to sprinkle on the finished plate.

    OK  the wine ,yes its young ,vibrant,colourful, & fruit forward. I know what you mean about the over aged stuff. It also takes some management to remember not to let it go to long in the cellar.Shiraz holds on for years,lucky . This cost me $ 15 I checked the invoice,I am reordering.[​IMG]

    I get that dark fruits flavour & plums,some chocolate & some coffee hints .It also has a bit of wispy cedar at the end.The end is a long ride,its a very long finish on the palate.Its very balanced not at all hot for a wine thats 14.5% alcohol.

    I think its a prime example of a little guy thats got to way over deliver to get noticed. If I paid $30 I wouldn't bitch.At $15 its stupidly great value. The great & really encouraging part is this winery can be competitive in our market. They do a shiraz which I  will look for.

    Its a lot of components that I like all crafted together,they were flying winemakers in France,they brought knowledge & style back with them & they are now making great pure wine in a region thats "new" & they are their own people. 

    If I could send you a bottle I would have a great birthday.

  20. Oh the meal looks fantastic and very much like my kind of eating indeed!!! And YAY on the Pink salt!!! Such beautiful stuff!!!

    I know, to ship from there, in addition to being illegal most likely, would be a fortune and laden with international container law issues and OY!

    Perhaps some day these great winemakers will export it, although I love the idea of them staying small and select and sensational!

    Perhaps then, some day, I'll make the trek!!!!

    Meanwhile, that all looks so good! So very amazingly good!!!!

    Thank you tons! I've been so excited about this and it does not disappoint!!!

    Cheers! - Leah

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