Converting a wood fire pizza oven to have a smoking function

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Original poster
May 13, 2018
Hey everyone i'm hoping for some advice / suggestions.

Currently i have a wood fire pizza oven that we do most of our outdoor cooking in. However i would like to be able to smoke meats over a longer duration and i am hoping to use the structure i already have.

I'm wondering has anyone done this before?

Thinking of building a fire box on the RHS of the oven and attaching a removable chimney / pipework which would feed the smoke into the oven chamber. Not sure what material to make the pipework from. Is 100mm stainless steel or galvanised pipe ok, or is there something else that is flexible that might work. My current door to the oven i am thinking of making it from hardwood and leaving a small gap at the top to allow the smoke to exit up the chimney.

Do you think my idea will work?

I've attached a photo of my oven and idea.

Cheers Adrian.


  • Pizza oven offset smoker.pdf
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Id research the galvanized. If I remember correctly it isn't good for your health. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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