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  1. Anyone every cold smoke steaks? Is it best to cold smoke them and then throw them right on the grill? Or can you cold smoke a batch and then vacuum seal and freeze them for later use? I was hoping to cold smoke some steaks to give to the Dad's for Father's day this year.
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    I've always gone straight from the smoke to the heat, never pulled them for later use. I don't see how it would be an issue as long as you only did a short cold smoke and kept them out of the danger zone. I normally smoke for about 1.5hrs and then grill them off to medrare, favorite way to eat steak hands down.
  3. You can do it either way ....... I've never frozen them but probably will in the future.  I started a thread here when I did some overnight.

    Probably the absolute best for me though is to cold smoke for about an hour, start the smoker and bring the IT to 90-100 degrees, pull it off and reverse sear in a smoking hot iron skillet, add some butter for the last part of the cook on top of the steak right after you flip it.  That's exactly what we're having for dinner tonight with zucchini and asparagus on the side.
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