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  1. I really think of myself as a pretty good cook, inside or outside. But I've been asked/nominated by my wife to cook for her office at work. It's something I've done before, and far as I know, everybody survived...

    But this time it's at least 50 chicken thighs. I've never done that many thighs before. Usualy a dozen or so at a time on a large gas grill, with thighs on the top rack.

    But to do this many I'm leaning towards using my trust Brinkmann smoker, with an offset firebox, and setting a water pan in there too so nothing dries out. I have sauce and dry rub n glaze that allway's goes over well.

    But do you all have any ideas/suggestions?

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    50 thighs will fill your offset to capacity, I'm thinking. You may have to rotate them from nearer the fire to farther from the fire or the ones nearer will cook too fast and the ones farthest will cook too slowly, unless you have done all the mods to get even temps all across your cooking surface. Other than that chicken thighs are pretty simple, cook at 300°-325° until 170° internal temp.
  3. Thanks, I was figuring on basically rotating the meat around, because the end closer to the firebox will be hotter. And run it at a higher temp then I normally would. Think I may do a spray to help keep them moist too.

    Maybe this will be a reason to go to a higher end smoker.... I replace one of these Brinkmanns every three or four years. They're good for the money, but I do go through them.



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