Canning smoked fish

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Aug 13, 2007
Sacramento, CA
This is my process for canning Kokanee salmon.

I start by doing a rough fillet and marinating in brine overnight or up to 24 hours.

I smoke for 30 - 40 minutes depending on fish size to poach the meat just enough to pull skin and skeleton out.  If a few bones remain, don't worry about them as the canning process will disolve them.

Meat out of the smoker and separated.

I use 1/2 pint jars.  My batches usually consist of 2 recipes, a regular (salt, garlic powder, onion powder and dill) and what we call Dago Red which is a small piece of Bay leaf, red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning, 3 jalapeno rings and 2 Tbsp of Italian tomato sauce.

100 minutes in the pressure canner at 10 - 11 psi.

And finally the jars for later enjoyment.  And BTW, this makes what I think is the best salmon patties around.

Dave, morning..... That looks awesome... Salmon is my favorite food to can.... It is soooo much better than the stuff you get from the store... and you know what's in the jar..... beats frozen hands down and it keeps forever... if it lasts that long.....
Mike, that cabinet translates into - "fishing was good!"  Sweet!!!!
Thanks. It only takes 1 freezer going out, and throwing away close to 2 thousand in food to make a grown man cry and learn how to preserve the old fashion way.
Can't beat old school preserves. Other than patties what else do you use jarred salmon for?
reserve a bit of the liquid in jar and mix with salmon and a block of cream cheese. The dip is AMAZING and a request from people that insures invites to all get togethers :)
Wow that looks really good!  My grandparents have a large garden where we can over 60 quarts of tomato juice, and other vegetables and even some sausage before.. But have never tried fish! May have to take note for future reference.. 
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