Butchers netting and Maple syrup?

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May 2, 2024
I dry brined a pork loin for Canadian bacon. I did not add maple syrup in the ingredients for the initial cure in the fridge. Could I have added maple syrup with out a problem? I’m Also can butcher netting go in the smoker?
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I use ham socks and netting . Just pull it as soon as you can post smoke . As the meat cools and shrinks it tends to " hold " the netting .
I avoid using tree pi$$ at all costs. I can't stand the stuff. That said, I do believe butchers netting can go safely into the smoker.
+1 but the girls LOVE it. No thanks but yeah you coulda added it to brine.

Remember to keep under 200F for netting etc but never saw temp info for the bags and seems like I saw a few members that run it higher.

Totally stole netting stuff from Rich chopsaw chopsaw Went a little too far on this one and got some case hardening but I like the color LOL

I agree with indaswamp indaswamp , the maple syrup is wasted in the brine. Little to no flavor is detectable even with 1 c syrup per gallon brine. You're just tossing it down the drain.

Much better is to glaze the loin after a bit of smoking.
You can add maple syrup to your brine. But as others have said, the flavor will be much more noticeable if you use the syrup as a base for a glaze.

- Jason
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Great point. FYI all the crafty fruit beers and meats with maple use flavor extracts not real stuff. That said, have not used maple wood to smoke but would bet it works pretty good and better than maple syrup.
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