Brisket, Dutches beans, Burnt ends & ABT's with lots of Qview

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Hey you guys leave him alone!  I appreciate a man who has his prioritys straight!  You can be too sick to eat but not to smoke!  LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Thanks. I have had three square meals of cereal today. Its the only thing that sounds appealing. The BBQ doesn't sound so good right now. I will package it up and freeze it tomorrow for some tasty eating later.
Ross, sorry to hear that you're under the weather.

Here is how I've done m last 3-4 briskeys-  I trim some of the fat from the point; then I remove the fat kernels from between the flat and the point and seperate the two aout 2/3rd of the down the length but don't remove the point from the flat.  I then take some of the fat that I trimmed from the point and insert it between the point and flat.  The briskey then gets rubbed down with Worcestershire Sauce and dry rub, wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in the fridge over night. 

The next morning, the brisky is taken from the fridge, the plastic wrap removed and more rub placed on the brisky.  I then fire up the smoker and when it hits 275° the brisky goes on (the temp will drop) when the temp rises back up to 250° I adjust the air intakes to hold at that temp.  When the brisky hits 185-190° internal temp, I then seperate the point from the flat. I cut the point into cubes and put them into a foil pan and add more rub to the mix.  The flat get placed into it's own foil pan and place into the oven set at 170° (lowest setting).

That sounds like an Awesome way of doing a Briskey !!!

Do you have a thread of one done like that?

Even if you don't, I gotta try that method!


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