Brisket By Request...

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Mar 12, 2006
Mobile, AL
I just threw my second brisket on. I guess my first one turned out better than I thought. We were at Sam's Friday and the wifey stopped at the meat counter and said I should get another brisket. As picky of an eater as she is, that made me feel good. She used to tell me that everything we eat didn't have to come out of the smoker. Now everything she asks for is either smoked or grilled. I'll put some pics of the finished product up later.
Ahh wimmin, they seem to have the right to change thier minds often.. But if change our minds look out .. lol
All I can say is wow. This was one great hunk 'o meat. I was getting worried about how it would turn out. I put it on at 7:00 am, at 11:00 it rising quickly towards 160*. It then entered the 'dead zone' and dropped back to 156* and sat there. Finally at 4:30 it had made it to 165*. I had the folks coming at 7:00. I pulled it at 165* and foiled it with apple juice. It sat at 165* for about another 45 minutes, then quickly rose to 190* by 6:00. I put it in the cooler for an hour rest, then sliced it up. As promised here is the food porn...



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