Brining a frozen bird

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  1. Hi, newbie around here, so be gentle. Was just about to take a couple of 3# chickens from the local farm out of the freezer to brine tomorrow to cook for dinner. I got to thinking, could I just dunk the frozen bird in the brine and leave it in the fridge? Let it thaw and brine at the same time, just for convenience sake?
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    nope... need to thaw first.. will not penetrate frozen meat...
  3. I get that, but won't the bird thaw in the brine the same as it would in a pot of water or in the fridge?
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    Safer to just thaw first as it could throw your ratios off. Especially time ratios. And you never want to over brine the bird!
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    I agree with the other guys, I would thaw it first.

  6. You can brine a frozen bird as it defrosts. I've done it countless times.
    Leave it in the fridge for a couple days past thawing so that it's seasoned evenly throughout.
    When you follow the safety rules and don't add too much salt, nothing bad can happen.
    I use an equilibrium brine so it's impossible for the bird to become over salted.
    To do a non-nitrite equilibrium brine add both the weight of the chicken and the water together.....
    to that add 1% salt (one percent of the total weight of the chicken and more than one percent, more will give the bird a funky cured texture.)

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