Brands of charcoal

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I've been using RO lump lately, and am pretty happy with it. Personally I never use briquettes because of the petroleum like odor when they burn. Cowboy lump is made from oak flooring scraps, burns hot and doesn't last as long or give as good of a flavor as other Natural Lump charcoals.
The WGWEW is my new favorite, but the drive to get it is a little much at this point.
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I now have abt 6 bags of the old K left (20lbs ea), but I did find a buy on RO lump, so I bought them out. It was a seasonal item, and they had 12 bags left... so I get all 12 of the 10lb bags.... I am going to go to Barbeque Galore and check them out. They carry their store brand, and Big Green Egg lump coals. They are both made by Royal Oak. And they carry it all year.... better than the box stores. They are a little bit more, but if it is available, so when you are out, and can't find it, is it ok to spend a little bit more, yes.....

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