Bought Mrs. HowlingDog a present..... A Place for Cooking Tools...

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Jan 16, 2019
So Mrs. HowlingDog has been getting into baking a bit and has been collecting the items needed to make some yummy goodies. We lack organizational skills and all the tools have been stored in various drawers, boxes, on the counter and it was getting out of hand. Fortunately, and all my smoking kin here have a minimalist approach to smoking and do not have the problem of too many gadgets 🤣🤣🤣, I had been thinking of how to store them and this was my solution, Home Depot to the rescue:


She gave me one drawer:

Some of her tools:


It is a big sucker and takes up more space In The House than I wanted, but it is nice to have most everything in one place. We can wheel it into the kitchen and BAM, instant big work surface and all the items handy. I am pondering some kind of butcher block cutting board for the top. The current top is garage quality and not food face as far as I can tell. I would like something about 24x30 ish without breaking the bank. Saw a couple but would like a hickory board if they make them. I will keep looking.....

Our next adventure is sourdough starter. We have tried twice and now, after watching Chef YouTube a couple times, are ready to try again.

Just thought I would share my latest gadget. The unloading and assembly with just the two of us, and our dog was an adventure.


Very nice!!!

I did same for my BBQ accessories, except it's home is on the back patio.
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