Boneless & Stuffed Chicken Wings

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I recently made some whole stuffed chicken wings 3 ways. First were a couple with breakfast sausage, then 4 with Asian chicken filling, and 4 more that were like a jalapeno popper filling.

Cooking time was close to an hour total with a 350° pit temp, and I only monitor the temp of the filling, and watch the color of the skin. Removing the bones from the drumette and flat takes a few minutes, stuffing is pretty easy and I leave enough room so I can tuck the meat back in to seal the end. Or you can fill more and use a toothpick.

You will see filling recipes using everything from mac-n-cheese, fried rice, or about any kind of meatball mixture you can think of.
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what a great idea, lots effort and worth it I'm sure!
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