Beef Brisket questions..

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Aug 13, 2016
Southern Illinois
Its says on the Treager recipe website to turn Treager on smoke mode for 4hrs before turning onto cook mode. What temp is okay for 4hr and wha is dangerous for 4hrs. I have a chargriller wood pellet pro and on smoke mode it gets as low as 110°. Should I just use my AMNS tube @ 225° right away?
For brisket 225* is typical and considered safe...high enough heat to pasteurize the surface. 110* isn't going to get the job done, and is not a safe smoking temp for a large cut of meat...unless it were for a short duration, then bumped up to ~250*. But then, if it will only smoke at lower temps and the brisket were only exposed to smoke for a short time there wouldn't be much point in smoking it.

If you can make your pellet tube do the job, use it, with your temp set @ 225* or a bit higher if desired. You my need to find out where it needs to be placed so cooker heat doesn't effect the pellet burn (high temps cause flare-ups of the pellets), and, where it gets sufficient air to allow the pellets to smolder and do their thing (produce smoke).

It depends on how your rig is built, but down in the fire box away from the heat source is usually best. If the tube gets air and not a lot of heat it will be happy. When I used the prototype tube in my vertical gasser I set it off to the side with a metal tent over it to protect from meat drippings, and with the side intake cracked open for fresh air. Heat from the burner didn't seem to effect it because it was down low and and as far away as possible. Fresh air nearby is a big key to it producing smoke.

Yeah, check out the heat-end and see if it will fit in there, away from the heat, close to an air inlet...lots of guys put 'em in there, but it's been several years since I've seen pics of them running.

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