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TX will tell you that weather or not I agree with you or not ill listen and try to be as fair as I can be and I was be very blunt and to the point.
This is very true. It helps dramatically if people understand though that there's just no way possible for the staff to cater to every want or need from every forum member. It's all about the staff finding the best balance they can and applying it across the board, which I feel they do a pretty darned good job of doing.

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Working with many groups of different organizations and fraternal groups I learned early on YOU WILL NOT PLEASE EVERYONE. Being blunt either accept it or move on. If you can better, it let us hear it but no BS just because you're not happy.

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I know this thread is not going to be popular with some members, groups, cliques so it's a good thing I don't care about being popular. What I do care about is people following the rules of Smoking Meat Forums.
#1 There are no rules that threads must be about or include cooking we have sections that are clearly not cooking related and many threads that are not cooking related. I recently posted a thread about blueberries, Al posted one about putting up a gazebo, Rick posted one about a bourbon distillery tour, John posted one about fishing, and there have been a bunch more that were not "cooking" related and we haven't gotten all the non-cooking related bs comments another member has been getting.
#2 If you decide you don't like another member's threads or posts you have a couple choices either don't click on them or put them on ignore those are your choices. Attacking the member or giving them bad advice is not an option and staff is tired of seeing it. Also complaining about a member lashing out after being attacked multiple times isn't going to get you very far either. Come on either try to help people or ignore them if they are breaking SMF rules report them but enough of the bickering. Also remember back to when you were a new member more than likely your posting was not perfect. All members should know better and OTBS members are to be the best of the best and held to an even higher standard think about it.
I am leaving this thread open for now but if you really want to discuss this it would probably be better to PM me than to make this thread get locked.
Really nice and very informative information you told. It is very helpful for beginner like me.
Good lord, I thought this site was mainly adults.
If another man says something to me that I don't like, I either,
A: don't pay attention.
B. bitch slap him.
It really is as simple as that, but seeing this childish B.S. really makes me feel that this Country is doomed, when men can't act as men, it's over. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.