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  1. bigbaldbbq

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    Bob was walking through the woods and he sees a guy hugging a tree. Bob walks up and say "What are you doing?" The man says "I am listening to the heart of the tree."

    Well Bob had never hear of such a thing and asks if he can try it too. The guy answers "Sure, Just wrap your hands around the tree and place your ear against the trunk." And he steps back to allow Bob to step up to the tree.

    Just as Bob presses his ear to the trunk the guy slaps handcuffs on him trapping him. and proceeds to steal Bob's watch, wallet, car keys, and removes his pants to further humilate Bob. The takes off day the path laughing wildly.

    Bob doesn't know how long he is strapped to the tree, but after awhile he hears somebody coming along the path and starts to call out for help. He hears a gruff voice say "Boy, what the hell are you doing?"

    Bob proceeds to share the story of what happened with the man. Bob then hears a zipper and "Wow, this just isn't your day!"
  2. smokingscooby

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    I hear the banjo's starting to play[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  3. grothe

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    "Squeal like a pig" [​IMG]
  4. bigbaldbbq

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    I go white water rafting with a group of friends in WV. You can buy shirts at the place we go (The Rivermen) that say "Paddle faster! I hear banjo music!" [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  5. ajky

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    thank god bob didn't hear "you got a pretty mouth"
  6. smokingscooby

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    Last year, took the family rafting down the NanTahala river outside of Bryson city and saw same t-shirts.
  7. roscoe dog

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    One day on the Current river here in Missouri a couple friends and I were trout fishing were there is a bit of canoe traffic and we was taking a break up on the bank that is a little higher than the river. Well we see a couple of canoes coming down river and when they got out in front of us the girl turns around and sees us up there and yells at the top of her lungs " theres mountain men up there we got to get out of here". She must of said it a half dozen times and the look on her face she must of thought we some crazy river mutants. We all about peed our waders.
  8. bigbaldbbq

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    Ok that is better then the Joke!!!!!

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