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Meat Mopper
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Jul 4, 2006
I've already posted once............I was tempted by the trimmins thread. 8)

Also, I've been reading alot of post and everyone seems really cool and helpful.

I have a Brinkman PitMaster offset. I got it a few years back and I'm addicted to smoking........every weekend :lol: I can't quit and the patches won't help. :shock:'s the smell of the wood and taste of the meat.

Anyway.....I think I'll hang here for awhile........learning as much as I can.
Hiya, Gypc!
Nice to know you feel comfy with us! Hang out and review the threads that interest you. And, please, share with us some of your recipes!
Welcome aboard! Looking forward to your posts!
Welcome gypc,

I heard they are starting a 12 step program for us problem smokers. :shock:

Hope to see lots of posts and pics of food porn from you in the future. :D

Welcome..glad to have you here...found the right place to get some of that learnin stuff...I'm sure you will find answers to any questions you might have..lots of great friendly people ready to help...let us know how you are doing...

Again. Welcome..

Welcome, there is 1 cure for the smoked meat addiction. It requiers smoking brisket, slicing it, and shipping it to Socal, to the smoked meat clinic ran by me. I will taste your Que and send you reports, sooner or later you will get tired of cooking for me.....

If you have questions post them, if you have answers post them. Tell us of the success you have with your smoker and also of the failures, we can all learn something, and help you to not make the same mistake twice. join in, contribute, and have fun.
gypc, welcome to SMF. You have found the best site on the 'net for learning the art of smoking foods. Lot's of good advice to be had here and if you have questions ask away and someone will get an answer to you.
Hi Earl, I've seen lots of Smokin sites but yes, I believe this one might be the best :D is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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