Aquarium pump for MES

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Original poster
Nov 21, 2013
Ontario Canada
Hi all, I have been smoking jerky for a couple years now and have had good success. No matter how much I make it never takes long to make it vanish. I have read on a few websites about using an aquarium pump for better smoke but I was wondering if anyone has used one to better regulate even temperature in the entire smoker. I have had two electric smokers that I use specifically for jerky and have found with both that I have to move racks around to cook the jerky evenly (more cooked at bottom and less at top) I was wondering if anyone has used a larger pump to move the hot air around in the chamber and if this has cooked the jerky more evenly without having to move racks mid smoke which always results in lost heat and smoke. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks from North of the Border
I have had the same problems with having to move racks every few hrs. in my elec. smoker. Thought  of adding a small fan but instead after adding smoke for a few hrs. I just move the racks once. To the dehydrator!
Times two on the smoke / dehydrator. Thats exactly how I do mine. I do use a computer fan in my electric but just keep airflow going for the smoke generator. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.