Anyone have a Weston 36??

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by captain yak, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. captain yak

    captain yak Newbie

    I'm looking for feedback on this smoker. It's advertised on The Meateater and looks to have nice features. I'm torn between this one and the Camp Chef Smoke Vault 18.

    Reviews are saying that they can't get the Weston's temp above 220 and others say 250 is the max.

    I called Weston and they said it's 9,000 btu's.

    How important would a higher temp over 250 be anyway??
  2. toddmog

    toddmog Fire Starter

    I can't comment on either model, but I know a lot of people who smoke chicken like to go over 250 to crisp up the skin.
  3. captain yak

    captain yak Newbie

    I'm surprised I didn't get more responses from this site...

    I got impatient and ordered the Camp Chef Smoke Vault 18!! I can't wait to start cooking in it!!
  4. Sorry, just noticed this. I have the weston 48, and it won't go above 230. If I need to crisp something up, i just throw it in the oven or on the grill at high heat until it looks right.

    I usually do sausage or cold smokes anyways so high temp isn't really an issue, but I've also done brisket, turkey, pulled pork and just about everything else with no problem.

    Not sure about the Smoke vault, but may be better if you want the higher heat.
  5. ricknconroe

    ricknconroe Newbie

    I Have the Weston 48, and had just the opposite problem, I couldn't get it DOWN to 170oF for slow smoking sausage.  To solve the problem change the propane hose that came with it with one that is adjustable at the regulator.  Normally has a red know on the top.  Make sure it is longer than the original one also.  The hose that comes with them are too short in my opinion.  Turn your main knob on the front of your smoker to high.  Then adjust the flame with the knob on the new adjustable unit.  I can get mine down to 160oF with the side vents closed to about 10%, like the book says, but I can open them up, and crank the heat up to over 300oF if I want too.  I have baked bread and bisquits in mine now at 375oF!  Change the hose, and get more control of your unit.  

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