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  1. I tried a search for this and did not find any results but may have missed it. I am looking at buying the DB but wonder if I need to move up to the JB. I would prefer to save the 200 bucks and go with the DB if I can. My question is about how much can it hold. I will be using it mostly for smoking but at times for grilling. When I smoke I usually have about 14 pounds of pork or 15 pound brisket on the one I have now. I need something that can hold about 7 to 8 steaks at a time (Mostly Ribeye or whatever is a good deal at Costco). So I guess the question is can I fit that on the DB or do I need to move up to the JB? Any help is appreciated. 
  2. I have one of each and bigger is always better. I should have bought two jb's.
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    Ribeye steaks on the DB !

    These beef ribs & the butts were in at the same time, may give ya some idea on the size !
  4. Thank you, that helps a lot! The closest dealer is over an hour away and I have not had time to go over there to check them out. I might have to just order one instead. 
  5. GMG works directly through Dealers.  Find a Dealer that can provide you Customer Services and has accessories, such as pellets readily available.  Consult the "Find a Dealer" tab on the website.

    My Brother in Law is a GMG Dealer in upper Illinois, so I cannot help you if you are in Atlanta area.

    You should have no problem, as shown with the GMG Daniel Boone.  I have (2) Daniel Boones (DB) and (1) Davy Crockett (DC).

    Smoke On!
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    I have a dealer less than 2 miles away but when I was doing my research I found an online dealer

    Good luck
  7. I ended up making the drive today and ordered the Daniel Boone with the wifi. Should have it Monday or Tuesday. Now the hard part being patient and waiting for it to come in. At least now I have time to look at more recipes.

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