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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by travisb, May 23, 2013.

  1. bearcarver

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    Yup what Jeremy said----And doesn't need any cleaning, and provides perfect even smoke for those 11 hours that you aren't touching it.

  2. Boardpuller,

      I have a friend to recently purchased a 12" AMZNTS because his Traeger smoker just wouldn't give him the smoke flavor that he wanted. He tried it  but it wouldn't stay lit. He followed all the directions,used A-MAZE_N pellets, let it burn for 10 minutes before putting it in the Traeger, etc but it wouldn't stay lit. I borrowed it to try in my MES 30. I had the same problem. I didn't remove the chip tray or the chip loader, and the vent was wide open. I wound up putting the chips in also. Both my friend and I like the SMOKE flavor. By the way I live in Colorado Springs also.  Any suggestions??
  3. bearcarver

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    If I were you, I'd PM Todd "TJohnson".

    He knows what to do with all smokers. You're at a High Altitude, but the Tube is usually good at High Altitudes.

    PM him & tell him the problem He'll take care of you.

  4. daricksta

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    Do you know which generation MES 30 you have? I have the Gen 1 and the AMNPS performs just like it was designed to. I haven't used wood chips in years. I usually get up to 9-11 hours of smoke with a fully-filled tray. I don't know anything about the tube smoker. Bear's right: PM Todd for suggestions and solutions for both smokers.
  5. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I believe he's at 6,000'.

    I wouldn't work to good up there either.

    However Todd can help him----He's Magical !!![​IMG]

  6. thatcho

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    I am in Pueblo Allen9980. Definitely PM Todd. In the meantime what type of pellets is he using? Try drying in mocrowave for 30 seconds or so to dry out the pellets a little more. I would definitely try opening up for more oxygen flow.
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  7. brickguy221

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    I may be wrong in saying this, but I keep thinking that Todd told me the AMNPS was designed for the Gen 1 smoker, thus the reason it works better in those Smokers. It appears that the Generation 2 smokers need some alterations to make it work well in those smokers too .... and at the moment, my new 40" Bluetooth needs some alterations to get the AMNPS to be successful in it also.
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  8. daricksta

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    Indeed Todd is. He made me into a respectable backyard smoker. I've got to remember that when guys are smoking at those high altitudes to stay away from giving advice since I'm a lowly flatlander.
  9. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    You're right. Todd based it on the MES 30 and MES 40 Gen 1 smokers. Bear was at ground zero assisting Todd with the R&D. Bear made some suggestions that Todd used in the final design. I consider Bear the authority on Todd's various smokers and on MES smokers up to the 2.5 models.
  10. mummel

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    Use a hairdryer!  Instant cherry. 
  11. Based on all the descriptions I've seen posted I have a Gen 1 MES. I'll take all your recommendations into account and let you all know what happens. Thanks guys for all the help.
  12. brickguy221

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    I saw in that link that jrod62 uses Weber lighter cubes. I never thought about trying that, but will next time, as I have 2 boxes of those cubes since I quit using my charcoal grill after buying my first MES a bit over 2 years ago. Right now I am using the Fire Starter Gel sold by Todd.
  13. bard4fun

    bard4fun Newbie

    I have a new MES Gen 2.5 Bluetooth and this last weekend I was finally able to use my new 5 X 8 AMNPS .

    I used a propane torch for about a minute and the followed up with a cheap Wagner heat gun to light my Hickory pellets. Wow, it couldn't have been easier.

    I smoked a trimmed pork picnic. The 5 X 8 AMNPS smoked perfectly for 12 hours. It was so great not to have to babysit the smoker.

    I put regular yellow mustard and Atkins BBQ rub on it  overnight with an additional generous sprinkling just before I put it in the MES.

     I had never smoked a pork picnic or butt and was so glad that I could refer to the forum for advice .I pulled out the chip loader on the side of the smokehouse 1 to 2 inches and the same for the ash catcher,as recommended and no water pan.

    It looked like a lump of charcoal and because I had never done one I was worried but, let it rest in tightly wrap foil for 30 to 40 minutes, then with two large forks started pulling the moist perfect meat. Great taste no waste. 

    Thanks everyone, It makes it so nice to learn form the experience of others.
  14. tropics

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  15. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    That's Great, Bard!!![​IMG]

    I love it when a plan comes together!![​IMG]

  16. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    You quit your grill? Why can't you use both? I do. I use those Weber paraffin cubes to light my charcoal briquettes in my chimney starter. I made beer can chicken on my Weber grill this past week and made two smoker packets filled with hickory and apple wood chips out of foil and plopped them on top of the briquettes. After they were used up I just tossed wood chips onto the coals. It turned out great. Having both a charcoal grill and an electric smoker gives you twice as many ways to turn out backyard cookin' food goodness!
  17. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    It's great when everything works out. I also have the 5x8 AMNPS and won't use anything else for a smoke source with my MES 30.
  18. polefalc

    polefalc Newbie

    I feel your pain but my experience is the opposite.  I have a 30" MES - the second model.  I'm using a 12" AMNPS.  I've used the ANMPS three times already.  Only once did it not work but that was my fault.  I did the initial burn for only 20 seconds or so and although the pellets were burning when I blew the flame out, it didn't stay lit. But then I relit it for a full 45 seconds and it worked OK. 

    What I do:

    I've removed the water tray and the chip tray completely.  I've pulled out the chip loader about 1 ½  to 2 ".  I fully open the air vent.  I put in the pellets (I use Todd's pellets) - I've had success with a full tube and half a tube.  For half a tube, I have the AMNPS standing up, fill it up half way and then put it horizontally and shake the tube until the pellets are evenly distributed and then just push the pellets back until they are about an inch from the opening.  

    I put the AMNPS in the MES on the metal plate the connects to the water tray.  I light it and keep the propane flame on the pellets while I count to 45.  I leave the MES door open.  I then set a timer and come back in 10 minutes and blow out the flame.  I then close the MES door and set the temp.  I come back in about 10 or 15 minutes to see if it is smoking.  Once the MES hits the right temp, I put in whatever I'm smoking and that is that.

    I used a full tube the first time and it lasted at least 7 hours.  I smoked some rib eyes with hickory pellets and wanted to find out how long a full tube would last.  The rib eyes only took a few hours to smoke.  I tried to choke the ANMPS by closing the vent, door, and chip adding tube and it still kept on going.  The AMNPS produces a lot of smoke, especially compared to the chips I had been using.

    I then tried the smoked almond recipe in the AMNPS booklet with half a tube and applewood pellets.  This was the time it initially failed but when I relit it, I had no problems.

    My wife loved the smoked almonds and my in-laws wanted some, so my wife and I decided to try a mix of pellets:  cherry, apple, pecan, and maple.  I filled half a tube and smoked almonds, pecans, and walnuts.  They came out great.

    I wish I could be of more help but I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.  My AMNPS works great.  When the pellets burn out all that is left is a fine ash.  It puts out a lot of smoke.
  19. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    You're talking about the Tube Smoker.

    That's easy---The people who have trouble keeping theirs smoking are the ones with the AMNPS----That's a 5 X 8 tray, not a tube.

    The Tube is what people who live at a high altitude have to go to, because they can't use the AMNPS.

  20. dr k

    dr k Master of the Pit

    I think a full 12" AMNTS is a lot of smoke but I fill it to cold smoke burgers and brats for a few hours in my grill before finishing them and reverse searing steaks in the MES because it's a short smoke.  A full 12" AMNTS holds a little over 2C of pellets.  I use about 1.3-1.5 cups for cold smoking in my Kamado and hot smoking in the 40" MES GEN 1.  I level them out by shaking the tube side to side as you said.  I don't use the open ended cap on the 12" AMNTS.  I can get more pellets in and it's easier to light and torch from beneath to make sure the bottom has a cherry red coal and ventilation.  I lay it diagonally across the rails on this model so the lit end is over the bottom drip pan opening in the middle back of the smoker.  A lot of air comes through that little opening going to the outside grease trap in the back of the smoker.  Putting a flame from a lighter on the outside opening will suck the flame off the lighter.  It's a good source of air flow on the Gen 1's for the AMNPS and AMNTS.


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