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  1. buckinducks

    buckinducks Smoke Blower

    Couple questions about the amnps , made a post in the welcome section and this was recommended.
    Can you use wood chips in this ?
    Anywhere that ships to canada ?
    Do you like the amnps in your smoker ?
  2. hap12

    hap12 Fire Starter

    I have used chips in my AMNPS, doesnt smoke as long, about 6 hours on a full load vs 10 hours with pellets. But works fine in a pinch, but after using pellets in it, I dont plan on using chips anymore.
    The chips have to be relativly small and packed in good all the way to the top of the tray.
    I love using my AMNPS in my masterbuilt electric. Not sure about shipping to Canada, cant imagine therd be an issue.
  3. Yep, they do ship to Canada.  This i know, I ordered one and about 6 days it arrived at my door, came by Mail

    I have only used pellets in mine, and I find that finding pellets that work in Canada hard to get, so order them form the same site you buy the AMNPS on.
  4. buckinducks

    buckinducks Smoke Blower

    sounds good , I just bought 4 bags of chips to use with the mes smoker pan and took about a bag to realize it doesn't work so good , so didn't wanna waste the chips
  5. buckinducks

    buckinducks Smoke Blower

    Lowest quote for shipping was 25$ little much I'd say
  6. hap12

    hap12 Fire Starter

    I see they can be bought through Amazon, and a couple folks selling through ebay, you may get a better deal on shipping through one of those.
  7. Hello Buckinducks, 

    I live in BC and was in the same situation as yourself... I found shipping charges quite expensive shipping to Canada. I was fortunate enough to have family that goes down to Arizona, and  had it shipped to their address down south. I just had to be patient until they returned. I have also found that you can buy 20 LB bags of pellets off of (free shipping)   and have seen them at Home Hardware. 

    I have used this brand of  pellets with no problems... . 

    Hope this helps!!
  8. goliath

    goliath Smoking Fanatic

    Canadian Tire now carries Louisiana Grill pellets. $20 for 20 pounds.
  9. atomicsmoke

    atomicsmoke Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Where are you located? Ontario gas BBQ (larges BBQ store in the world) in Vaughan (just north of Toronto) sells BBQ delight pellets. They ship too...not sure about the cost.
    They also have the 20lbs bags. But as far as I know the large bags are not 100% wood flavour wood. Some are mixed some were infused with flavored oil.
  10. buckinducks

    buckinducks Smoke Blower

    Purchased one from the Ontario store should be here in a few days . I have the MES smoker without the vent just the hole in the back, will there be enough air flow to keep the pellets smouldering ?

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