AMNPS placement in 40" MES Gen 2.5 BT.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by floridasteve, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. floridasteve

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    Is the purpose of elevating to tray to get it off the solid surface so air can get into the bottom, or is it to actually raise the heights to get in into an existing air flow pattern?

    If it is the first, I assume you would not want something solid, you would want something like a small cooling rack raised an inch or so.

    If is the second, then a solid surface like a brick should be okay? And how high do you need to elevate it? And if there is a natural draft, does orientation matter? I put mine in with the burning end towards the door -- would it work better with the burning end towards the heating element?
  2. mummel

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    As for your first question, its both, but Todd told me I could use a brick, so it's probably more the latter.  The tray goes right there where I put it in the pic.  Not too close to the element as they may catch on fire (happened to me but I was running at very high temps). 

    Im using the Cabelas sausage hanger to elevate my AMPS.  It's like it was made for it.  Works well. 
  3. My set up is nearly identical. For elevation I'm using an old smoker box which is about the size of a brick. My location is the same. So far very good results.

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